2023 will be a major year of transition for the city. We will have elected a new Mayor, several new Council Members, and a new City Controller. In this ever-changing political landscape, a person with experience can best work through this transition. I am that person, especially given that no other individual in this race has experience in the Controller’s Office. I truly understand that experience matters, and that’s why I am looking to become the next City Controller.

My experience as the Chief Deputy City Controller for the past eight (8) years, my 20-plus years of Public Service, and my extensive knowledge of government finance have allowed me to develop a deep understanding of the mechanics of city government. With this knowledge base, I can identify potential problems and make informed decisions to ensure the city’s financial stability. In addition, I have a strong track record of successfully managing work teams, purview over budget and financial records. I have facilitated the automation of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and discussed strategies to maintain the highest accuracy and accountability.

Furthermore, I have worked with multiple departments to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations, giving me a comprehensive understanding of the city’s financial processes and procedures. In addition, I have a proven history of working with community organizations to foster fiscal responsibility and promote financial literacy.

I have a passion for Public Service and commitment to working with citizens to ensure a strong and secure financial future. Let’s work together to ensure the city remains financially secure and prosperous. With my experience, I am confident I can make a difference as Houston’s City Controller.