Growing up in a home where my parents stressed integrity, I learned early on that integrity truly matters. I have used this as one of my core guiding principles. Because we face a budget shortfall in the new few years, having a City Controller who operates with integrity and is free from special interests’ influence is critical. The public should be aware of any potential conflict of interest arising from political donations or government contracts such as receiving donations from those receiving government contracts that may contribute to inflated city expenditures, which can make it impossible to balance budgets consistently without the assistance of nonrecurring revenue items. This course of action can necessitate austerity spending cuts, which will devastate public services and programs. The city needs a controller who has the integrity to say no to special interests, fight against those who seek massive paydays at the expense of Houstonians and bring financial sanity and discipline to the budget process. Donations like those financing my campaign should come from individuals and organizations independent of the government and not directly connected to the public purse. This will ensure the city uses the public’s money efficiently and effectively. Let’s work together to ensure our government funds are used responsibly and ethically.